[Translate to Englisch:] SIMON Werkzeugbau Errodieren

Wire eroding

Wire eroding is a formative cutting process offering high precision for electrically conductive materials. A series of pulses of electrical voltage creates sparks which transfer material from the workpiece (anode) along a continuous thin wire (cathode) and in the separating medium, the dielectric fluid. The process is precise because the spark always jumps to the location where the distance between the workpiece and wire is the smallest.


Die sinking

Die sinking is a process also known as spark erosion. An electrode is used to create sparks on the workpiece to be processed. The electrode creates the negative form of the final workpiece. Workpiece and electrode are dipped into a liquid, the dielectric fluid, for this purpose. It serves to insulate and cool the workpiece and electrode, and to eliminate the removed material.